We hope that people who live in Japan and the rest of the world to come to love Fukushima throughout Obori Soma Ware.
The roots of Japanese ceramics are in China. Until 1950th , people would eat and drink from the one vessel, a companion at their meals.
While, on the one hand, ceramics came to be known as works of art and were loved by the wealthy and powerful of the times, these days, the production of cheap objects has become easy due to the advance of globalization. Traditional crafts and even the ceramics industry find themselves in a difficult position.
However, the progress of globalization also presents Japanese crafts with the opportunity to be re-examined afresh.
Obori Soma Ware is a traditional craft of Fukushima that is the pride and the treasure of the whole nation and of the rest of the world. While preserving the traditions that we now have, we intend to evolve without fear of change.
It is our long-cherished desire for people to come to love Fukushima even more through Obori Soma Ware. Kazuo Matsynaga, third potter,
Obori Soma ware Matsunaga pottery shop

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